Ladies of S.C.A.R.

Ladies of S.C.A.R.

Creator and founder of ATLANTA S.C.A.R., Lisa Dean-Touray, is a mother of a child with Sickle Cell and organized the event years ago to aid finding a cure for the disease. The ride was originally sponsored by International Riders MC with proceeds going to the Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia. Although raising money to support the cause to end Sickle Cell is important, the secondary purpose Ms. Dean-Touray wishes to accomplish is a greater understanding of the disease among the community, which again is a valid method to decrease the spread of the disease.

The ladies of S.C.A.R. are volunteers willing to help Ms. Dean-Touray with the ride, whether it is through networking or setting up, they all are valuable to the success of the riding event.



S.C.A.R. is an acronym for Sickle Cell Awareness Ride. The purpose of the Atlanta S.C.A.R. is to heighten awareness of the Sickle Cell Trait and Sickle Cell Disease.

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